Welcome to the start of something new…

And so the story continues and turns a new corner.

Cakes by Noah was started to fill a gap. That ‘gap’ was wide and all-encompassing.

Our son – Noah – was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 2012, after months of frustrating return visits to the doctors, and one continued poorly boy. The mis-diagnosis of this and that, finally led us to a Osteopath and an eventful afternoon in his surgery!

And then the fun really began! As a chef I have always been (and here in lies the honesty) a little sceptical of allergies and intolerances. But until it actually happens to you or those around you, you love and cherish, you tend to carry on. But oh how that view changes very, very quickly!

After diagnosis and being given the go ahead from the dietician, we began to adapt the diet of us all – it would be far easier for us all the eat with Noah than to provide separate meals. Although as it turned out, cooking separate meals was easier sometimes!

We are lucky enough, it appears, to receive a prescription which allows us to have the staples – bread, pasta. But not of course cakes and biscuits! We did get a ‘white mix’, a flour based mixture which allowed us to bake some things, but this was a little restrictive. So this led us to start buying from the supermarkets…and the story takes its turn. For the better 😀😀

What we were buying wasn’t great. Sorry Mr & Mrs Supermarkets, but dry, crumbly, broken, bland and tasteless are words that sprung to mind.  I could do a lot better.

So I got on with it and baked a better cake! And lots of them!

So now I can also start to share these cakes with you, the reader. And the blog begins. And perhaps it should have started sometime ago..

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