Looking for inspiration

We all need some, sometimes. But where do we look? There are plenty of inspirational ideas on-line of course – on-line cookbooks, online magazines, forums. And many of us have a plethora (ooh big word!) of cookbooks at home. Some we use more often than not – for the quick and easy bakes, the trusty ‘go to’ books and bakes. But I’m sure there are those of us that have books we rarely turn to, rarely open. They’d seemed to be such a great idea at the time, tons of great recipes to wow our friends. But once opened we were so over whelmed we gave up. Too technical, to fiddly and ‘how much time do you think I have!!’ ‘I’ll save this for a rainy day’. Destined for the coffee table (if you are lucky to have the space) or the charity shop. Where someone else can have a go….

But sometimes you need that coffee table cookbook, sometimes it serves to inspire in a different way. Give yourself some credit, give yourself a moment to consider what you can do. Confidence my friend. Look at the recipe in front of you and see if you can’t break it down into manageable chunks. Bite size pieces that would make the bake easier to make. Believe. Try. Cook. Besides, if at first you don’t succeed….

There is certainly an element of that with Gluten Free baking!

More recently though, I have been finding inspiration from those around me.  I bake because I thoroughly enjoy it. I enjoy see the bake disappear with friends and family. I bake because I don’t want Noah to miss out. And why should he. He gives me the inspiration to bake something new and interesting, something good enough to put his name to, to be proud of.

But there are others. There is a core of fellow bakers on Twitter, whom I would be lost without. A little too numerous to mention, but I’d like to think you know who you are – so ‘thank you’, in a big way. We might get a little competitive, but I think in a friendly & healthy way.  It’s that competitive spirit that continues to inspire on a weekly basis. To try to find the bakes that are slightly different, yet not too wacky, to ensure you get the RT’s and the favourites. To bake the challenges and the tasks, technical or otherwise, that help concentrate the mind. That inspire you to continue to find ‘that’ bake.

And I guess it then comes to those that set the challenges. That they in turn inspire those out there in Twittersphere. And to you a ‘salute’ a ‘thank you’. It can’t be easy, every weekend, RT’ing & favouriting every tweet that comes through. Ensuring a fair game for all. And then having to choose a winner! I do not envy you that task! It must be a nightmare?! But you manage it well and again, ‘Thank you’.

I’m sure there are plenty out there, but for now thank you ….


One thought on “Looking for inspiration

  1. So true about being overwhelmed by cookbooks and recipes. I am all too guilty of having shelves full with pristine books! Many a good intention. But now I too am being inspired…by my big brother! Bx

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