Gluten Free Treacle Cake Recipe

Sometimes the simple ones are the best.  And this is certainly very easy to make and yet again, went down very well. And left for a day ( if you can.....) the flavour begins to enhance.  As we now enter the darker nights, so a little comfort baking becomes a little more of the norm. … Continue reading Gluten Free Treacle Cake Recipe


Gluten Free Caramac Cake Slice Recipe

And now back to what the children like!  This went down a storm. Moist and rich and lasted half a day. If tasty cakes like this are so easy to make, it makes you wonder why they are not on the shelves?  Scrumy gluten free cakes for children with Coeliac Disease. Pre-heat the oven to Gas … Continue reading Gluten Free Caramac Cake Slice Recipe