Gluten Free Christmas Spiced Bundt

Its been a busy couple of weeks.

First there was a trip to The Allergy & Free From Show North in Liverpool. A great opportunity to see what else there is available for Noah and for Noah to see that he is not alone. There was certainly lots to see and we came back with loads of goodie bags. Plus Noah wanted to make a bee-line to see his new ‘friends’ at the Coeliac UK stand. they were very friendly. An all round good show. More detail about this and future events available on-line –

Then there has been The Cake & Bake Show @ Event City Manchester. An eagerly awaited show for the best part of this year. Especially since the date was moved back a month! And I’d have to say it was  a bit of an anti climax. My experience of food shows, is a bit of a bun fight. Everyone leaps to try the freebies, and thus make it difficult to actually see what, if anything, is new. And it wasn’t as big as id thought either. I’d think twice about going again. But if my good baking friend Jackie is there, there’ll be no second thoughts.  You can of course make your own mind up and further details can be found here –

AND then it’s also been National Bundt Day – November 15th! And here is my effort for the weekend. A Christmas themed and spiced Bundt, baked in the fabulous Nordic Ware Square Bundt Pan. I have used the following on-line stores to buy my Nordic Ware Bundt pans

or follow the links on

Gluten Free Christmas Bundt

First pre-heat the oven to Gas 3, 160c

Then prepare your Bundt pan – the most important part. And as I have said before, both time-consuming and therapeutic. Using a soft pastry brush, brush the inside of the pan with soft, but not melted, butter. Get into all the corners and then dust with gluten free flour. This will ensure that your Bundt does not stick once cooked.  Others use a cake release spray but I haven’t dared use that just yet…..I’ll keep you posted.

Then, cream 180g of soft butter with 330g Granulated sugar until light and fluffy. The beat in, a little at a time, 3 beaten eggs. Then mix in 300ml sour cream and 290g Dove Farm Gluten Free Plain Flour, 1 teaspoon each of cinnamon and mixed spice. Do this alternatively though – sour cream, flour mix, sour cream, flour mix, sour cream and finish with flour mix. Until all combined. I then stirred in 200g of Robertson’s Mincemeat. The suet is covered in rice flour which is gluten free. Pour into the prepared Bundt pan and place in the middle of the oven and bake for 50 – 60 mins or when a skewer is inserted it comes out clean.

And then the next important bit – leave to cool in the pan for 10 minutes. Only. No more. And then turn out to finish cooling on a wire rack.

Gluten free Christmas Bundt

Then decorate as you see fit. I used various colours of prepared fondant icing and marzipan and made them into Christmas decorations. Not wanting to completely cover the Bundt and spoil the design, I just did what I did.

Gluten Free Christmas Bundt

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