A New Year a New Gluten Free Week

All change in our household this week.

After our first week back after the festivities, it’s a time to look back on what has been a new chapter in our little lives, in this corner of South Cheshire.

Out of School Club is now the order of the day. And there was of course a certain amount of trepidation that we turned this corner, but needs must I’m afraid. Number 1 daughter we knew would have no problem with this, but for Noah, this would be something completely new. And ‘new’ and Noah don’t normally mix. And as sure as eggs are eggs, Monday morning was no exception. To cut the story short with some bribery and a little corruption ( and some fellow classmates) he went in. Phew.

The new team in place in the Out of School Club have been great with Noah’s diet. I’d almost go as far to say, better than the actual school dinners!  Noah has enjoyed every meal – pizza bases, chicken nuggets,  and pasta. Very accommodating.  To such an extent that now after week 1, Noah doesn’t want to leave and would rather go to his ‘new school’ instead of the other school, with the boring work and reading! Sorry my little boy 😉

Ground star anise

This week has also seen a little experimenting in the kitchen. I made a Chocolate Cake last week, rather unsuccessfully, with a liquorice flavoured topping and Blackcurrant filling. It kind of worked, and kind of didn’t. But I wasn’t going to be beaten. So I ground some star anise and made a quick plain sponge and topped the end result with some rather nice Lemon Curd from Mrs Darlington’s. Result. Need to tweak it a little but, rather nice. 😀

Gluten Free Anise and Lemon Cake

I also bought some small  gluten free pizza bases and gluten free tortilla wraps from Venice Bakery for us to try. I’ll report back with a recipe in due course. You can shop on line here in the meantime –


And so to a hectic weekend of parent taxiing and hopefully a date night 😀

And please dont don’t forget to vote for my blog in the years UK Blog Awards 2016. Votes close January 25 2016. Many thanks.


votenow_ Cakes by Noah


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