Gluten Free Jam Tarts

Gluten free baking for Noah is such fun. There are so many cakes and bakes that I try out, both with and without success.  So trying to sort through which ones to write about does pose some difficulties, as not everything I bake gets a post.  I have to keep somethings to myself for a later date!

But on this occasion the post was chosen for me. Perhaps by default or by design this particular post has had the most interactions (or impressions) on my Twitter page in recent months.  Its simplicity was a surprise hit and yet this could be what everyone wants. Nothing complicated, nothing with ingredients that folk have to buy, but ingredients that most kitchens already have to hand.

These were actually an after thought! I was fortunate enough to have been sent a bag of gluten free flour from the lovely people at The Gluten Free Flour Company so I was going to write a post on Blueberry Frangipane with Wild Blueberry Jam, but perhaps destiny had something else in mind.  After all everyone loves a Jam Tart 🙂 – click here to visit their on-line shop.

Having made a batch of the pastry for the larger tart, I was faced with a few ounces of pastry… and I just knew jam tarts would go down a treat…..and wouldn’t last long either!

Gluten Free Jam Tarts

The basic recipe for my 7″ pastry is;

8oz Gluten Free Plain Flour – from The Gluten Free Flour Company

5oz diced butter

2 egg yolks

1 tablespoon of icing sugar

semi-skimmed milk to bind

Rub the gluten free flour and the butter together until it resembles breadcrumbs. Mix in the egg yolks and the icing sugar and then bring to a dough using the milk. I used a touch more milk, so the dough was slightly wet, as I knew the flour will absorb the liquid and experience tells me that the dough would other wise be dry.

Leave then for 30 minutes to rest in the fridge.

Roll out and use for whatever else you are making and bake blind.

With the remainder of the pastry, I made the jam tarts.  Roll out to the desired height and using a 6cm round cutter, cut out as many (at least 12) rings as you can. Place the pastry into a greased shallow baking pan and fill each case with a teaspoon of your favourite jam – I used Mrs Darlington’s – and spread to cover the base of the pastry.

Then bake in the preheated (Gas 4, 180c) oven for about 10 minutes or until the pastry has a bronzed look.

Stockists of Mrs Darlington’s and a bit about them can be found here.

Now I’m not sure of any differences in using this particular brand of flour, because I tried a different mix of ingredients, but the end cooked result, was a little less crumblier than that of other gluten free flours and the ‘bite’ was also a little better. I’ll let you make your own conclusions when you try it yourself 🙂

Enjoy 🙂




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