Gluten Free Mocha Caramel Pie

Now whilst the baking world is going batter mad - Who knew a 'pie' could take on such a form! An idea I have had for a while and have finally been able to make and I'm sure there are many combinations that will similarly work... It's basically a cheesecake base, caramel filling and a … Continue reading Gluten Free Mocha Caramel Pie


Gluten Free Blueberry Loaf Cake

Finally I get around to posting this! Sometimes, despite all the planning, it just all falls apart and something else just gets in the way. Others' priorities take over, it goes above and beyond your control. I'm  very proud to say that this gluten free Blueberry Loaf cake won me winner of  Week 2 of … Continue reading Gluten Free Blueberry Loaf Cake