Gluten Free Mulled Wine Chocolate Brownies

Mulled Wine Chocolate Brownies…yes Mulled Wine! Not for the feint hearted…..time to get into the festive spirit..literally 😀

The smell of Christmas is abound whilst making and baking this one!  But if you can leave it overnight – the flavour from the mulled wine really starts to infuse….. and there’ll be plenty of Mulled Wine left over to try whilst baking


Pre-heat the oven to Gas 3/150c and line a baking tray roughly 27x14x43cm with greaseproof, ensuring there is a couple of centimetres above the height of the tin.

200g Butter – diced

200g Dark chocolate – chopped into small pieces

3 Eggs

230g Soft brown sugar

100g Gluten free plain flour

50g Cocoa (I used Food Thoughts Cocoa)

1/2 Teaspoon Mixed Spice

140ml Mulled Wine (I used this one from Waitrose)


Begin by melting the dark chocolate and butter. I melted mine in a bowl set over a pan of water on the stove. Not letting the bowl touch the water and let the water come to a gentle simmer. Leave the butter and chocolate to melt gently and stir often to get an even melt. Remove the bowl from the heat once melted and leave to cool.

Sift the flour and the cocoa together and set aside.

Using a hand held electric whisk, whisk the eggs and sugar until twice the volume. This should take about 4/5 minutes.

Gently pour in the sifted gluten free flour and cocoa and add the 1/2 teaspoon of mixed spice and fold in using a large metal spoon until the flour is all mixed in with no lumps of flour.

Pour in the mulled wine and mix in gently with the spoon. Pour the batter into the lined tin and bake for 25-30 minutes.

Leave to cool completely before removing from the tin and the dust with icing sugar before cutting and serving.

Happy holidays

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