About Cakes By Noah


Welcome to Cakes by Noah.

For the love of all things cakes and bakes and because at the time we couldn’t get hold of any tasty cakes and bakes for Noah, I started to make my own. Cakes that are all gluten free.  My mission to try to dispel the image that gluten free cakes and baking isn’t fun or tasty.

I’ll try anything once as variety and innovation is what it’s all about. and I’m having fun along the way, with all the trials and tribulations, that make up gluten free baking. The joy of the internet and everyday life, gives me plenty of inspiration to create something new or an everyday, ‘normal’ bake with a gluten free twist, that makes cake accessible for everyone.

Everyone should have cake!.

I do not profess to know everything about Coeliac Disease, I know Noah and what Noah can and cannot eat. As he grows, so do the opportunities for him to try new and different things and as his tastes develop, this blog hopefully will allow us to share with you those things he enjoys. We’ll also share some of our eating out experiences, as there is still along way to go.

Should you need further information on Coeliac Disease please head over to the Coeliac UK website, were you will find everything you need to know and more.

To see the recent recipes and posts, click on the ‘Recipes and Post’ page for the latest tasty ideas.

I am open to suggestions as to what to make and bake and would love to review a product or product range. I will ensure the readership knows I have been asked to review a certain product and I will give my honest feedback.

Currently my gluten fee cakes are not readily available to buy.. But that might change……anything could happen..😀

I would love for you to get in contact with me to discuss your individual or Company requirements for recipes, converting recipes to gluten free or creating bespoke recipes. Please feel free to do so via email – cakesbynoah@gmail.com or by calling Chris Waling (in the UK) on 07960928449.

I have recently created recipes for a guest post for the Clandestine Cake Club, for Food Thoughts UK, Van Dotsch Spices, Mrs Darlington’s and The East India Company  and would be more than happy to write a guest post and gluten free recipe for you. Drop me an email or give me a call.





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