My self publishing journey

It’s taken me a while to write this. Not really knowing how to start or what to write; there are no bakes, no recipes. Just a plain old story, my, plain old story. So here goes... Of course, I couldn’t continue without a picture of my gluten free cookbook 😀 available via email only now … Continue reading My self publishing journey


Our Legoland Adventure

We waited all year for this trip 😀😀 A half term and wedding anniversary trip, plus we went the whole hog and booked the night away in the Legoland Resort Hotel as well.  It seemed a bit silly to go all that way down and back in a day. Besides, day 2 was going to … Continue reading Our Legoland Adventure

Coeliac Awareness Week – May 2019 – Noah’s Tale

Some things are hard to put into words. I'm sure there are many out there, in Coeliac Awareness Week, who have a similar story to tell. But perhaps not many, a story about an 18 month old little boy. It all began in the summer of 2012. Noah was around 18 months old and we … Continue reading Coeliac Awareness Week – May 2019 – Noah’s Tale