GF and DF Caramel Cupcakes

I have written in the past about our journey with Noah and Coeliac Disease. I have also written about my professional journey and my thoughts about how the wider industry I work in also deals with that.  Some can cater for the free from market and do it particularly well.  Others offer a half-hearted approach and do not appear to offer the continued guidance to their teams on how to deal with, empathise with or understand the health issues associated with coming into contact with foods that their customers/guests/visitors simply cannot in any way, consume/touch or be in the vicinity of.  We won’t mention those that don’t appear do anything.

Will there be a light bulb moment for those outlets than continue to get it wrong? What will it in fact take, to make a menu choice easy for every one? Where a pudding is not fruit, that complex menu making becomes not about quantity, but about quality and ease of delivery.

To see the face of my colleague when he realized I had made these for everyone to enjoy was a moment to behold. I wish we had taken a photo.  It really isn’t difficult to include everyone. It just takes a little thinking time and when you get it right, its a wonder to behold.


Now I have that off my chest 🙂 I can bring you these wonderful little cupcakes created for some work colleagues.  They are not difficult to make, in fact they are very quick and easy and are also incredibly light to eat.

You will need a 12 hole muffin/cupcake tray – lined with muffin cases.  Pre heat the oven to Gas 3/160c – using the middle shelf.

This is an all-in-one recipe, so pop the mixing bowl on the scales to weigh out the ingredients. I used a stand mixer (Kitchen Aid) and the paddle attachment.

  • 150g Gluten Free Self Raising Flour
  • 150ml vegetable oil
  • 3 eggs
  • 100g Light Brown sugar
  • 50g dark Brown Sugar
  • 10 drops of Butterscotch flavouring (I used  Foodies Flavour Butterscotch)

Once you have weighed all the ingredients, turn on the paddle on low and slow to initially mix the ingredients, then turn it up a little to 4 and beat for about 8 minutes until the ingredients have all combined and you have a smooth caramel colour mixture – it will be quite runny. You need to ensure all the sugar has been incorporated and there are no lumps.

Pour the mixture into the 12 cases and bake for about 20 minutes – or until an inserted skewer comes out clean.  Leave to cool in the tray before removing and completely cooling on a cooling rack.

Then to make the frosting. Again pop all the ingredients into the mixers, stir to mix together, so you don’t get a icing sugar dust cloud, then beat for about 5 minutes to combine. The mix will get light and fluffy as it mixes the sugar into the Stork

  • 100g Stork – for Biscuits & Cookies – softened
  • 200g Icing Sugar
  • 10 drops of Butterscotch Flavour
  • Food Thoughts Cacao Nibs to decorate

Pipe onto the cupcakes with your desired nozzle and finish with a sprinkling of Cacao Nibs.

I would suggest you eat them within a couple of days, whilst at there best.

Gluten Free Caramac Cake Slice Recipe

Gluten free Caramac Slice
Gluten free Caramac Slice

And now back to what the children like!  This went down a storm. Moist and rich and lasted half a day. If tasty cakes like this are so easy to make, it makes you wonder why they are not on the shelves?  Scrumy gluten free cakes for children with Coeliac Disease.

Pre-heat the oven to Gas 3, 160c and line a baking tray (20 x 27 x 3cm)

140g Soft Butter

140g Soft Brown Sugar

40g Dark Brown Sugar

2 Eggs

10 Drops of Foodie Flavours – Butterscotch

140g Dove Farm Gluten Free Plain Flour

30g Ground Almonds

9 Bars Caramac

50g Melted Butter

Beat the soft butter with both of the sugars until light and fluffy. Beat the eggs in, one at a time until well mixed. Add the drops in and mix again. Then beat in the flour and almonds until well combined. Pour into the lined tin and bake for about 20 – 25 minutes. Once cooked leave to cool in the tin.

Meanwhile prepare the topping. Reserve 3 bars of the Caramac for the topping. Then break up the other 6 bars and melt them gently in a bowl, set over a pan of simmering water. Ensuring the bowl does not touch the water. Separately melt the butter and pour into the melted Caramac. Once all melted and mixed, leave to cool a little before pouring over the cooled cake. Before the topping sets though, remove from the tin, and  gently break the remaining 3 bars of Caramac up and decorate.

Leave to cool completely then cut into squares, eat and enjoy.