Summer Days

What a summer it has been so far! 😀 For so long you’d have to go abroad for the weather we’ve been having here in the UK. It’s been pretty amazing - although I’m sure there are those who think it’s a bad thing. There are always winners and losers.  For so long, we’ve had … Continue reading Summer Days


Gluten Free Spiced Pecan Cupcakes

Apologies for the slight delay in the latest recipe.  Its been a busy couple of weeks with the day job and with visiting grandparents. All very welcome of course and thanks for coming. Now I thought that I had heard the last of the pumpkin spice. But oh no! it seems we have been enjoying … Continue reading Gluten Free Spiced Pecan Cupcakes

Anyone for tennis? Or a cupcake?

Although there isn't any tennis actually on the blog, it is that time of year when the world goes tennis mad as Wimbledon is now upon us. What better way of getting into the spirit of the occasion than producing some delicious cupcakes with two very seasonal ingredients that blend well together; Pimms and strawberries. … Continue reading Anyone for tennis? Or a cupcake?