Gluten Free Blueberry Loaf Cake

Finally I get around to posting this!

Sometimes, despite all the planning, it just all falls apart and something else just gets in the way. Others’ priorities take over, it goes above and beyond your control.

I’m  very proud to say that this gluten free Blueberry Loaf cake won me winner of  Week 2 of the Delicious Alchemy ‘Gluten Free Magic Bake Off’ or #GFMBO. Now in its 3rd year, it’s a great way for the gluten free community to showcase any and all of their bakes, through the magic of social media. Weekly winners are picked over 6 weeks and those winners, win a hamper of goodies. Then finally, all the bakes entered, go out to a massive public vote and there is then a final bake-off, before a winner is crowned.

Its my second year of entering and it really is such fun, especially trying to think of something different for each week.

That and with the #GBBOTwitterBakeAlong, being run by my Twitter friends The Baking Nanna and Robert Allen, there is plenty of baking to be done, as the Country goes baking mad over the course of the ‘Great British Bake Off’ on the Beeb.

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase…

Gluten Free Blueberry Loaf Cake

Preheat the oven to Gas 3/170c and line a 2lb loaf tin with greaseproof paper or a loaf tin liner.

180g soft butter

170g caster sugar

3 eggs

210g gluten free self-raising flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

60ml milk (I used semi skimmed)

200g fresh blueberries

120g Mrs Darlington’s Wild Blueberry Jam

approx 200g icing sugar

water to mix the icing sugar

Beat the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy, then beat in the eggs one at a time. You may need to add a little flour to stop it splitting. I’ve learnt over time, to be patient with this bit. Get the beat going and throughly mix this bit together.

Add the vanilla extract and beat again.

Pour in the rest of the flour and baking powder and mix well, you’re can add the milk at this point so the mix isn’t to stodgy.

Just before adding to the loaf tin, stir in the fresh blueberries, pour into the loaf tin. If you wish, at the point spread the jam over the top of the mix and gently mix in, into the top of the cake before popping into the oven on the middle shelf for 50 – 60 mins. Or until a skewer inserted comes out clean.

Leave to cool, before taking out of the tin, and then when cold remove the greaseproof/liner, before adding the icing.

To make the glacé icing, add a tablespoon of the water to icing a little at a time, until your desired thickness is achieved. I love my icing thick, but you may prefer it thinner. If you add to much water, add a little more icing and vice versa.

I have another similar recipe with blackcurrants and almond…..I’ll save that for another day perhaps…

Slice and enjoy 😄😄


Gluten Free Raspberry and Prosecco Layer Cake Recipe

Gluten free Raspberry and Prosecco Layer Cake

I’d admit this is stretching the Gluten Free for children bit, but sometimes you have an idea or some interesting inspiration and you run with it. It also goes to show that gluten free baking is most certainly FUN 🎉😆. And this particular recipe has done me proud recently. Week 3 winner in the Delicious Alchemy ‘Gluten Free Magic Bake Off’ for 2015 – details on their website. And also made it through to the final 4 for the @SBCTakeover. It was a good week 😀😄😄

Anyway, back to the recipe.

It’s a basic sponge – cream 200g of caster sugar with 200g soft butter, beat in 4 lightly beaten eggs. Fold in 200g Dove Farm Gluten Free Plain Flour and a 1/2 tsp of Baking powder. And then the special bit. I used freshly frozen and then defrosted raspberries – no juice, just the raspberries – 80g – and mix well into the cake batter. Add a couple of drops of red colouring if you desire.

Bake in a moderate oven – 180c/Gas 4 for 20-25 mins. I made these in 2 lined, cake tins x 7″ which gave a better height and depth.

And then whilst the cake is baking and then cooling, the next bits you can do either way around.

For the White Chocolate Ganache – break up 150g of white chocolate into a bowl and then bring 150ml of double cream to a quick boil (make sure it doesn’t catch the bottom of the pan, or it will burn – keep your eye on it and stir it a little as it heats). Once boiled, or just before if you are quick enough, pour over the broken white chocolate and stir until all the chocolate has melted and you get a nice shiny sheen. Leave this then to cool, until it is just about spreadable.

Once the cake has baked, leave to cool completely before adding the buttercream filling and topping, which is made with 180g soft butter, 360g icing sugar and about 60ml Prosecco. Make sure though that the buttercream is well mixed prior to adding the fizz. Pour this in slowly and beat well to combine as quick as possible.

Once the cake has cooled, fill, top and spread on the sides with the buttercream.  Pour over the partially set ganache and serve. Remember you may need to leave the ganache for longer than you think, if it’s too runny, it’ll run off completely.

Let me know how you get on 😀😀

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