No time like the present..

You may need to take a seat. 😀 And, yes, there is a recipe attached to this post! I thought it about time to both update and and write a new recipe.  As you will have noticed from some of my social media posts recently, it’s been a difficult couple of months and you begin … Continue reading No time like the present..


Gluten Free Neapolitan Cake

This is a wonderful cake to surprise anyone, especially someone special for Mothers Day. Let us also celebrate those mothers who for what ever reason, are no longer with us, I'm sure they would want us to celebrate their lives and what they meant to us. This wonderfully moist cake can of course be used as a celebration cake any … Continue reading Gluten Free Neapolitan Cake

Gluten Free Carrot Cakes for Mother’s Day

This 'work' malarkey doesn't half get in the way of the all important baking. Still, there is always time to catch up between jobs and of course everyone wins. At home there is nearly always something to eat and invariably the work colleagues get the odd treat now and then, for which I think they are … Continue reading Gluten Free Carrot Cakes for Mother’s Day